Flowers after your wedding day

Have you thought about what you are going to do with your wedding flowers after the big day?   As one of the jobs on offer is to pack up after the wedding reception has finished, I often have to … Read More

Does your venue require a Duty Manager?

Sometimes BYO isn’t always cheaper. You can now find great wine and beer deals in supermarkets and often at a third of the price of a licensed bar, restaurant or specific event venue. With options such as sale and return … Read More

Why I Love My Job!

  Love is a very strong word! I wanted to write a quick post about why I love being an Event coordinator. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine but it is my passion! Every day I continue to grow as … Read More

I’m not what you think I am…

Of course you want to plan your own wedding! Most people do… That’s why I’m not a ‘Wedding Planner’ I am not going to tell what colours to use, where to buy your dress or what caterer to hire actually I am not going to TELL you anything… … Read More

Wedding show: A coordinators work is never done

  Event Coordinator Dunedin wedding show A coordinators work is never done I was very fortunate to be a part of the Dunedin Wedding Show this year. Coordinating both the Bridal Runway and the Vintage Runway shows for 2016. Bridal shows can … Read More

Wedding Planner vs Wedding Coordinator.

What is the difference between a Wedding Planner and a Wedding Coordinator? The price is a big one! A Coordinators main focus is the details on the day, they will chat to you before your wedding, find out how much … Read More