Why Your Wedding Reception Needs Assigned Seating

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Like with many wedding traditions, assigned seating at wedding receptions remains today. From controlling the atmosphere, limiting conflicts, and avoiding that one person who just can’t find a seat, there are multiple benefits to be had.

Assigned seating does require you to decide ahead of time where your guests will be seated. In terms of which table and even which place setting. Depending upon the venue, you may also need to decide upon the table positioning too, (we love to floor plan!)

Having a large seating plan displayed on an easel for guests to refer to when they arrive is ideal. From here they will be able to identify the specific table by the displayed table number, and even more specifically by their individual place setting. We’ve found that place cards positioned on top of our linen napkins works beautifully for this.

Yes! You Need Assigned Seating at Your Wedding Reception

This provides you with many benefits, including:

  • ability to control both the atmosphere and people flow within the venue
  • creating large open areas, small cosy gatherings or spaced-out seating depending on your preferences.
  • keeping to schedule – great for helping keep to the time you have your venue booked for, as well as your reception schedule of events, as it means your guests can quickly find their assigned seats
  • easier for wait staff to serve your meal – this is especially true if arrangements have been organised prior due to food intolerances
  • avoids partners and families being split up from one another
  • Families like to be seated together so they can enjoy events and create memories as a group
  • you keep important people closer to the head table – your parents are going to want (and need) to see what’s happening without heads blocking their view
  • easy access to toilets and exits for elderly guests or those with disabilities
  • avoids guests being ostracised by being at a table where they know nobody
  • Most people prefer being told where to sit as it removes awkwardness
  • Stops chaos in advance. You can separate guests who don’t get along, position those with young children and babies by the exits and choose quieter areas for guests with noise sensitivities
  • increased guest mingling – there is no need for guests to claim and sit at a spot for the entire reception for fear someone will steal their seat

We Can Help.

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can assist you with assigning seating at your reception. Book a Zoom meeting or give us a call to arrange to meet in person – we’re looking forward to it!

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