Does your venue require a Duty Manager?

Sometimes BYO isn’t always cheaper.

You can now find great wine and beer deals in supermarkets and often at a third of the price of a licensed bar, restaurant or specific event venue. With options such as sale and return by many liquor stores, BYO weddings are becoming quite attractive.You maybe able to save a few dollars but there are a few hidden issues with this. Keep reading to find these hidden extra costs.

Special Licences/Staffing:

Licensed venues will have bar/duty manager and staff to serve your alcohol.This is a requirement by law of their liquor license to do so. It will depend on where your wedding will be if you’re at home or at a venue that allows BYO whether or not you will have to apply for a special licence. (This has a fee attached).
Special licence allows the sale or supply of alcohol to anyone attending an event, private function, street party, sporting event. (eg, for a food and wine festival, wedding in a council hall etc)
Some venues require you to bring your own bar staff and provide a duty manager. (again an extra cost).

Corkage fees:

Almost all venues will have a corkage fee.

Corkage cost varies from venue to venue. Some have a cost per person and some have a cost per bottle.
You can expect rates between $2-$10 per person or $5-$15 per bottle.
Venues sometimes have high corkage rates to deter you from bringing your own wine and in this case it is normally cheaper to go with wine off their wine list instead. This happens a lot around Central Otago due to places often have deals with local wineries. The will then sell a particular brand.

Getting Alcohol from A to B:

If you planning your event or wedding away from a purpose built venue think about how you’re going to get all your drinks there and how you’re going to keep them cold. A chiller trailer is probably your best answer but this then becomes another thing to hire and another thing to organise and transport. Chiller trailer along with free glassware is sometimes on offer if you spend over a certain amount . Therefore depending on how much you planned to spend on alcohol you can save on not having to hire in glassware.

If you have any questions or need some help in this area please get in contact via my contact page.



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