Embracing Spontaneous Moments & Unusual Wedding Entertainment

Wedding sparklers
Moment Captured by Acorn Studio

If we said to celebrate rather than stress about any spontaneous moments or unusual wedding entertainment, you’d likely think we were bonkers! But the truth is, no matter how planned out your wedding day is, you can expect a few curve balls coming your way. The first piece good news is that if you’ve hired a wedding planner like us, that’ll all be taken care of. The second piece is that the surprise is likely to be something positive – and that’s what we’d love for you to embrace! Then there’s the surprise factor for your guests to consider too. Why not plan some entertainment that they won’t expect, but you both will love? After all, it is your wedding day…

Capturing Spontaneous Moments at Your Wedding

Likelihood is that you’ve hired a wedding photographer for your big day. Already experts in identifying and capturing all those small details, a photographer will have a list of photographs they want to take, such as the décor and accessories at your reception. They’ll also have their eye out watching for those special moments

We think you should be too, but we also think you should try something spontaneous too. Get up and dance with the youngest guest, lie down in the middle of a garden and stargaze, give individual flowers from your bouquet to guests; the choices are endless. They’re not planned, but they feel right at the time, and living in the moment on your wedding day is something to treasure.

Fancy Some Unusual Wedding Entertainment? (h2)

Wedding entertainers likely need to be booked months in advance. This means calling someone to perform at your reception the day of your wedding is off the cards. The good news is that while you’ll know the type of entertainment to expect, your guests will have no idea.

Can you imagine what would happen if instead of a DJ or band, a troop of circus performers arrived? Ok, that might be rather extreme, but choosing unusual wedding entertainment can not only create a buzz amongst your guests, but also something highly memorable for everyone. What about going against the grain and playing that inappropriate song? Maybe taking the mic yourself for some karaoke? Perhaps hiring a belly dance instructor and encouraging your guests to give it a go? They’d certainly be some moments worth capturing.

Above all, it is your wedding and your day to shine. Be yourself and be proud of your uniqueness and quirks – and most of all, celebrate them!

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