Should You Hire or Buy Your Event Décor and Accessories?

A Gorgeous Wedding Table Scape Taken By Sinead Jenkins

Time is ticking by, and you need to decide whether to hire or buy event décor for your upcoming event. To help you choose, we’re exploring the pros and cons of both options.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event or a 50th birthday celebration, you are going to need to decide to either buy or hire your event décor and accessories.  It may seem tempting to purchase what you’ll need, thinking you’ll be able to reuse it again in the future. But on the other hand, if you hire all your accessories and event décor, you won’t need to store or find new homes for it in months and years to come. Let’s explore the pros and cons of both options to help you make the best choice for your upcoming event.

Buying Verses Hiring of Event Décor

Having someone else organise the delivery, setup, and pack down of your furniture, place settings and other accessories is certainly a benefit to hiring your event décor. But is it the right choice for your event?

If you choose to hire the décor and accessories for your event, you can expect:

  • Less time spent sourcing décor, accessories, and furniture as you can hire everything directly from us
  • Reduction of your environmental impact, as hired items can be reused and repurposed by others
  • It is cheaper to hire than it would be to buy the equivalent items
  • Delivery, setup, and pack down if required (additional cost)
  • Use of high-quality accessories without the high price tag
  • No need to dispose, sell or store items afterwards

Should you decide to purchase your event décor and accessories, you can expect:

  • Significant time spent sourcing items from lots of retailers
  • Requirement to check and store all purchased décor and accessories before and after the event
  • Greater environmental impact than using hired event furniture and accessories
  • Can lead to budget blowouts or décor compromises as buying new items costs more than hiring equivalent ones

Based in Dunedin, our team regularly organises events both locally in and around the Southland and Central Otago areas. As experienced event planners, we can provide as little or as much assistance in the organization and execution of your upcoming event as you require. We also offer an exclusive event décor and accessories hire and styling service, where we will work with you to accommodate unique requirements of your event. Contact Leah today for a no obligation chat about how we can help bring your ideas to life and make your event one you’ll want to remember!