Flowers after your wedding day

Have you thought about what you are going to do with your wedding flowers after the big day?

As one of the jobs on offer is to pack up after the wedding reception has finished, I often have to ask the question “What would you like me to do with all the flowers?” I am quite happy to bunch them up and deliver them the next day but sometimes having 20+ bunches of flowers around the house isn’t exactly practical so here are a few ideas I  tend to mention.

Some ideas for Flowers in bulk.
Share them with your local rest home or hospital.

Taking your flowers to a local rest home or hospital is a fantastic way of sharing the beauty of flowers with others who will appreciate both the visit and the gift of your blooms.

Give them to guests to take home with them.

Sometimes it’s nice to send guests off with something from the day so if you have people in mind let them know they are welcome to take them home or to pick them up the next day. This works especially well if you have something planned the next day like a lunch or BBQ.

Share them with past loved ones.

This can be a nice way of honouring parents, grandparents, relatives or friends who passed away.

By putting your bouquet or other wedding flowers by their grave this can be a thoughtful way to remember them and have them be a part of your day.

Shadow box with the dried/preserved flowers, invite, pics etc. all together
If you are wanting to keep only your bouquet then you could consider…  
Use them in Christmas Decorations.

You can buy hollow glass ornament bulbs that you can fill with the flowers from your bouquet or combine them with other items. Pearls and glitter are great options to help fill your ornaments that help to fill the empty space inside of them.

Dry them.

There are many different ways to dry flowers and often it depends on the type of flower you have. After your bouquet is dried you can hang it from somewhere in your house as a constant reminder of your special day. They will be extremely fragile so it is best to have this hanging somewhere out of the way or display them in a nice glass jar so they will not get damaged.

Turn the petals into Potpourri.

Once dry, you can tip the petals into a beautiful container and add a drop or two of potpourri, flower-scented oil. Choose an oil that reflects the flowers in your bouquet and you will be reminded of your special day by the beautiful scent of your homemade potpourri.

Frame them.

This is a great idea so you can keep you bouquet on display for all to see. There are lots of places around that will do this for you or you can buy an empty shadow box and place them in maybe even with other keepsake from the day.

Have flowers turned into ornaments or jewellery.

example could be paperweights, beads, key rings, necklaces then you can keep them close to you at all times.

There are so many ideas that there should be no reason your wedding flower should go to waste.

You should contact your local Florist for more information or contact me on and we could chat about how to go about implementing some of these ideas.


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  1. Victoria
    | Reply

    Hi, I would like to keep some of my wedding flowers and get them farmed in Wellington can you put me into someone?


    • LeahS
      | Reply

      Hi there, Sorry for they delay. I am not aware of any one in the Wellington region but there is an amazing place in Auckland Called Treasured flowers (link Below) that do some gorgeous things. Give them a call and they be able to help.

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