Glassware, How Much Do I Actually Need?

Crystal Glassware
Crystal Glassware

We’ll Drink To That!

It can be quite hard to guess how much glassware you will need for your wedding day celebrations.

A lot will depend on what you will be serving for the day and what your guests drink. If you have a few beer drinkers then if they drink by the bottle this will decrease the amount of glasses you will need behind the bar. Your options are to rent glassware or have the venue supply.

Are you wanting a full glass set up on the table?  

The basic glassware at a place setting is a water glass, wineglass, and Champagne flute (some will leave off the flutes).

When doing this your numbers will start with the amount of guests you have. You will then need to build on this depending on your timeline and how you would like your guests served.

Will you have pre poured glasses out after the ceremony?

A good way to do this is to use flutes only, for bubbles and juice and bottled beer to start. 

This then means the water and wine glasses can be set on the table earlier and the flutes can be then taken away and cleaned and put on the tables last.

I suggest ⅔ glasses ⅓ bottles (of your total guest list)

You will need glasses set aside for the bar only

Once people come in and are then ordering from the bar you will need a small amount to use for this. Mainly wine glasses and a few water glasses for good measure.

I suggest an extra 3 dozen wine 2 dozen water glasses per 100 people.

Water station.

A water jug with a few glasses set aside for this is highly encouraged as it allows guests to get their own when they feel.

Place setting with Glassware
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These are a few things to ask your venue…

Do you provide glassware?

How many glasses do you have?

What types of glasses do you have?

Is this an extra cost?

If not do you have a glasswasher on site? Are we able to use this?

If not do you have somewhere to clean these by hand?

Is there a place to store these?

Bar facilities or space to set up a bar?

Caravan bar option?

Hire a Bar?

Do you have a Duty manager and bar staff available and are they required?

TIP: you can pick a water glass that can also be used as a beer glass this will cut down on the different glasses you will need to order.

TIP: you can bring colour and style to your table by hiring colored or specialty glassware

Dont forget: You will need to return all your hired glasses clean or you will be charged.

NB: Do you want drinks available to your guests before the ceremony? 

Things to consider: increase of alcohol being consumed which means an increased budget.

During the ceremony all photos of the guests in frame may include bottles or glasses.

When taking photos after the ceremony guests will need somewhere to place their drinks. 

Are spirits and cocktails part of your vision (available at the venue?) you will need glasses for this.

Oxford Street Caravan Bar
Oxford street Caravan Bar