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You’re planning an event, but still need to book a venue, caterer and the entertainment; who should you ask for vendor recommendations? We know and what they need to tell you.
Asking for vendor recommendations for your upcoming wedding, anniversary or corporate event is a great idea. While a vendor can advertise their products and services, if you have not experienced them yourself, there is likely to remain a few little niggles about them.

However, by asking friends, family and event planning professionals, such as us for vendor recommendations, you just may be able to kick those niggles to the curb. We’ll discuss who the best vendor recommendations come from and what information you need from them.

Who Should You Ask for Vendor Recommendations?

Having great friends, you can rely upon, who are always there when you need them and never let you down is important. The same can be said for your event vendors, but the issue is, you just don’t know that they will 100% deliver. That’s when asking for vendor recommendations is worth its weight in gold.

When asking a vendor for details about events they have provided products or services to, most will be completely honest with you and give examples of what they have done. You can’t rule out that some may slightly exaggerate or leave things out, which makes it important that you also seek out the opinions of others too.

Sometimes vendors will share contact details with you of their past clients when asked. Otherwise, it is up to you to find those who have hired the vendor before. Asking trusted family and friends is a good way, and they may know of someone else who has used that vendor before or attended an event that they assisted at.

The best option though is to ask others within the events industry for their recommendations, and that means us! We’re going to give you solid vendor recommendations of people we have worked with before, and who we trust.

Information You Need When Asking for Vendor Recommendations

To make the best decision on which vendors to use for your event, you need to have as much relevant information as possible. This includes:

  • Pricing – was the vendor’s pricing competitive? Did you receive value for money?
  • Communication – what forms of communication did the vendor use? Were they quick to respond to your inquiries?
  • Reliability – did the vendor provide what they agreed they would?
  • Professionalism – did the vendor always behave professionally? Did you receive good service?
  • Overall impression – what was your overall impression of the vendor? Would you use them again?

We Can Help.

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can assist you with assigning seating at your reception. Book a Zoom meeting or give us a call to arrange to meet in person – we’re looking forward to it!

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