Your Wedding Planning Checklist and Schedule Should Be a Top Priority

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Did you know that the average length of an engagement is 15 months? That means there is no time to waste when it comes to creating your wedding planning checklist and the corresponding schedule of tasks. But where should you start, and what should it contain?

As wedding planners, it’s our job to help couples create a custom checklist and schedule for their upcoming nuptials. Our clients love how they receive reminders on when it’s time for them to do the next things on their lists! So, we thought we’d share why you too should create a wedding planning checklist – and why we should be the ones helping you with it!

Why You Need a Wedding Planning Checklist

Planning a wedding in New Zealand is time consuming. On average, it takes somewhere between 200-300 hours to plan, and that is time most people struggle to find! The good news is that you don’t need to do it all alone, or rely on the goodwill of friends and family, because we’re here to help.

When we work with clients creating their wedding planning checklist and the associated scheduled dates, we include details such as:

  • Organising the wedding dress, bridesmaid outfits, groom and groomsmen attire
  • Booking venue, catering, entertainment and hireage of wedding décor and accessories
  • Sending save the dates and invitations
  • Organising transport and accommodation
  • Organising your wedding theme, colours, décor and flowers
  • Booking and liaising with a celebrant
  • Booking the photographer and videographer

Of course, these are only some of the generic details that we’d expect to find in a wedding schedule. It’s important that you look beyond these and identify the special things that you want for your wedding too. This could include speeches, borrowing your great aunt’s jewellery, your favourite cocktails during the speeches, your engagement photoshoot and when you need to follow up on those unanswered wedding invitations!

With your wedding day being one of the most important days of your life, we completely understand why you want it to be perfect. That’s exactly why you should work with a professional wedding planner. Having planned hundreds of weddings, we know exactly what needs to be included within your checklist and when every task should be completed by. You get to take advantage of our experience, relieve the overwhelm of planning your wedding and bounce ideas with one of the most knowledgeable wedding planners in NZ. Now, how does that sound?

We Can Help.

We would love the opportunity to meet and discuss how we can assist you with assigning seating at your reception. Book a Zoom meeting or give us a call to arrange to meet in person – we’re looking forward to it!

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