Why I Love My Job!

Why i love my job


Love is a very strong word!

I wanted to write a quick post about why I love being an Event coordinator. It’s not all rainbows and sunshine but it is my passion! Every day I continue to grow as a planner and as a business person. I learn more about myself and the type of service I want to offer.

For most people who know me, coordinating and planning events is the exact job I should be doing, it suits me to a tee. I love to meet new people work with other industries and execute every job to the highest standard.

Talking to people I have realised there is this idea out there that being a wedding or event planner is an easy job… it isn’t. Forbes lists it as the 5th most stressful job there is (behind Police, Pilot, Fire fighter and Military Personnel)

FUN? Sure is!

I know, it looks like a ton of fun, and that it’s all glam but there are all those hours behind the scenes, in the office, working on budgets, keeping your website up to date, managing expectations, emotions, timelines and vendors. When an event is close I need to be available at all times which can push you to your limits… But I thrive on the deadlines, I rise to the challenge and the adrenalin pumps the night before every occasion.

I love being able to (figuratively) take the hands of the couple and guide them down an amazing path of possibilities and ideas that will complete their wedding. I enjoy knowing that they are at ease and get to make decisions without pressure or regret. It’s amazing to meet so many incredible couples each with their own style and thoughts of a dream wedding.

When it comes to the Corporate events, Awards dinners, trade shows or live events no two are ever the same. The amount of planning and detail that goes into every single event is enormous but seeing an event actually start to come together after months and months of planning has got to be one of the most satisfying aspects of working in this industry.

I think part of being a successful event organizer is really making sure that you never lose that love, that passion and that determination to make your events the best they can possibly be.

I wanted a job that would really challenge me, would be very social, get me out and about and this ticks all the boxes

Being an event planner is not for everyone but for me it’s perfect and I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

xxx Leah

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