Brides by Donna Rae

I had so much fun working on this project.When Donna first approached me about the idea I had no clue it was going to morph into something as big as it turned out to be.

The Brides by Donna Rae Team packed up their entire store, (200+ dresses) put it in a truck and brought it all the way to Dunedin. What a huge effort! I am pretty sure Kay is the best packer in the world.

Along with social media advertising and emails we had flyers out at events allowing us to get the word out. There was to be an epic bridal pop up shop over a full weekend hosted at Innov8hq.

The response was amazing. Donna had 30 spots for VIBs (Very Important Brides) which were filled within days. These spots allowed each bride first access to see the dresses. After that they then had 30mins to find their perfect bridal gown. Lines down the hall way waiting to get in on the morning were outstanding. A true testament to how excited these ladies were to get their hands on a ‘Brides by Donna Rae’ Dress. We had everything open to the public from 12pm onwards both Saturday and Sunday and the rush was on… A sea of white dresses going in and out of dressing rooms as people tried on dress after dress to find the one, which so many ladies did.

It was a privilege to help, talk and be with these ladies at this very special time. A huge job which Donna pulls off daily with passion, poise and an amazing ability to connect with everyone who walks into her shop.

The weekend was a huge success. Over 30 lucky girls said “yes to the dress” and took away their dream gowns.


“If it wasn’t for the knowledge and expertise of Leah Stevens from Encore Events in Dunedin, the mammoth task of setting up my entire shop in a space I had never seen before, wouldn’t have been possible.

Leah has coordinated our entire Popup shop. From the most important detail like the venue, right through to the minor details that she knows mean the world to me. Like showcasing my branding professionally, Leah has done it all.

There is a tremendous amount of work that goes into a large event like this. Having worked with Leah in the past at various wedding shows, I knew she was the perfect person I could trust with my vision.

Thank you Leah for your dedication, your wisdom, creativity and your calm pleasant demeanor. This all instills me with confidence.”