Backyard Wedding

Maire & Christian Wedding

Right from the start, I loved the direction Maire was going in for their backyard wedding. I could tell that in the forefront of her mind was the connection between her and Christian and the joining of their two families.

Their beautiful home was to be the location of their reception for 50 of their closest friends and family. It was the perfect idea, there was something about this place that as soon as you walked in was a sense of belonging and was truly bursting with love.

Maire was super relaxed while Christian was cool, calm and collected right throughout the whole process. They were both so lovely to work with and at every turn wanted to make the day enjoyable for everybody.

This couple were super creative and really made it their own. The morning of their big day we started setting up their backyard to transform it from a place the kids would play into a stunning outdoor entertaining space.

It easily transformed into the rustic backyard wedding reception they were after. All elegantly designed by the couple and brought to life by Encore Event Coordination.


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